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 Profile / Hoyen

Master Hoyen is a retired executive from the Taiwanese Government and a noted columnist. She devotes her life to research on spiritual studies, higher psychic powers and energy, and esoteric perspectives with a focus on the practice of using the energy of the universe for applications in medical healing of the souls that flow into human bodies. She has published a number of books, which can be found in libraries around the world.
 Master Hoyen was born with her spiritual energy gifted by God. She was able to see inside of human organs at a young age. Her interests in medicine and healing led her to devote all of her free times on studying parapsychology. Her telepathic abilities and high spiritual energy enable her to heal all sorts of diseases. Many patients have followed her for more than 30 years. She is a guardian angel for them. She is able to perform telepathy with both the living and the deceased and can heal the souls of the dead in addition to the souls and the human bodies of the living.
 With her high spiritual energy and power, she has healed many patients magically including some with stage 4 cancers. She often gives spiritual medicine to her patients via telepathy. Her power enables her to see a person’s previous life and future. She is able to guide her patients to avoid dangers in life, and identify illnesses at early stage that may be very difficult to detect by modern medical technology. In many cases, her patients asked their doctors to run the most advanced scanning which confirmed Master Hoyen’s diagnosis. Some patients initially did not believe Master Hoyen since their doctors did not detect the illness. However, as the illnesses eventually developed they were eventually detected by modern medical technology a few months later, and in some cases even a year later.
 There are numerous cases of how she saved an individual. She also has a deep compassionate heart. She is often seen helping poor people and providing community services. Via her clinical treatment, she also teaches her patients with high levels of consciousness, love, good and the beauty of life. From US, South East Asia, and Europe to Taiwan and China, her patients travel from afar for her clinical treatment every year.


 1. Super Spiritual Power –Third Eye Her Third Eye gives her a special invisible eye to provide perception beyond ordinary sight. She sees inside our human bodies and the spirit of our souls. She can perform physical checks, provide detailed lab readings and detect sickness without even being in the same location as the patient. She
is able to provide lab readings at a glance of the patient, and most patients would be amazed to find out how accurate the readings are if they followed up with a conventional lab test.
 2. Super Spiritual Power – Healing She possesses special spiritual power and the ability to heal various types of sickness ranging from heart disease, allergies, cancer, infections, eyesight problems, etc. She does not need any physical medicine or medical equipment to aid her diagnosis. With the power gifted from God, she performs her healing by waving spiritual energy to patients without touching their physical bodies. All of her patients have a holy experience throughout their treatments.
 3. Super Spiritual Power Visual With high consciousness, love, belief in Gods, she has gained special spiritual powers via her eye, ears, and sixth sense. She has the ability to see peoples past lives and afterlife. Her ability to communicate with the spiritual world provides her mysterious power to communicate with the God, the spirits and the dead. There are many witnesses to her special powers.
 4. Super Spiritual Power – Telepathy She can transcend time and space to emit spiritual waves, regardless of how far away the patient is. She heals sickness and reverses sadness without touching the physical bodies. She can heal hundreds and thousands of patients at once. Her competence is well witnessed but is beyond the knowledge of modern medicine. Many patients have experienced miracle healing with sicknesses that were not detected by modern medicine and disease that cannot be treated by modern medicine.
 5. Super Spiritual Power – Sensing Her clinical treatment process starts with her receiving a connection with a patient via the person’s name/address or a phone call from that person. She will be able to sense the person, bring out the medical record of the person and diagnose diseases if there are any. Patients are always amazed at the detail and accuracy of her diagnoses.