Universe Light & Medicine

Universe Light & Medicine

The Universe of Light & Medicine, which consists chiefly of the Cosmic Light & Noumenon Light, is ubiquitous and existing throughout the universe and the void, but it isn? associated with any particular religion. It is also called the ?osmic light?? which is a perpetual kind of energy. Whenever the portal of the intrinsic noumenon is revealed, the intrinsic noumenon will be sublimated to be possessed of metaphysical enlightenment through the illumination of the Cosmic light.

The noumenon, which is called primordial soul in Taoism; Buddha? nature, Prakriti Buddha, Gautama or Tathata in Buddhism; Jesus in Christianity; Allah in Islam; is the archetypal life of man and the unique denominator of life. Fundamentally, it is humankind? internal Buddha, God, Allah and real nature.

he Cosmic Light, which includes Buddha? light, Vairocana? light, Amit?yus??/span> light, God? light and Allah? light, is the illuminant and great noumenon of the universe, which is also called the dominion of heaven and earth. As it is possessed of transcendence, infinity, valuableness and immortality in the universe, it is the supreme great intelligence, potency and consciousness of the universe.

The Cosmic light is omnipresent and omnipotent in that it permeates the void and penetrates Dharmadh?tu. Man counts on the earth for living, the noumenon depends on light for existence, Dharmadh?tu reckons on light for rotation, and all Buddhists rely on light for pervasion.

In order to achieve a remarkable development of a person? individual noumenon, he needs to build up, through considerable amounts of practice or by turning to gurus with exceptional ability in the study of the soul, the ability to disclose his innermost being for the purpose of harnessing the cosmic energy. It takes equilibria among body, mind and soul to maintain human wholesomeness. Thus he can strengthen body, mind and soul to find his true self and make him become integrated with nature by virtue of the illumination and sublimation of the Cosmic light.

The upper spiritual circles belong to the photic world in as much as the Cosmic light travels at the speed of three hundred thousand kilometers per second along with the light from sun, moon and stars. Seeing that the universe and the void are overflowing with invisible energy, anyone can get information from the void of space so long as he is introduced to the void conductors or starts the driving programs of Geist.

Anyone who synchronizes with the Cosmic light can obtain blessings and protection from the cosmic illuminant and manifest the cosmic energy, which may make his noumenon possessed of the supreme enlightenment and develop his limitless latent abilities hidden inwardly, to achieve the glory of life.

The courses of parapsychological consultation cover counseling, the enhancement of energy, intelligent text messages of parapsychology and so on, the goals of which are to perfect oneself through the way of confession and return to the universe. Moreover, the courses can open the portal of your inherent noumenon by synchronizing with light, make your body, mind and soul equilibrated through the illumination and enhancement by the Cosmic light to experience self- assurance, self-consciousness,? self-understanding, self-enlightenment, self-rescue, and create a more intelligent life of the true, the good and the beautiful.




「光」不屬於任何宗教,光是無所不在的東西,遍佈宇宙虛空,又可稱為「宇宙光」。「宇宙光」是永無止盡的能量。打開內在「本體」的門,再經「宇宙光」的照明提昇,使本體具有形而上智慧。 「本體」(道家稱元神,佛家稱本心、自性佛、如來、真如,耶穌稱真主,回教稱先知)是每個人最原始的生命,是獨一無二的生命主宰,也是內在的神佛、上帝、真我、真主、真神。