Spiritual prayer



Spiritual prayer


Pray for God to listen to my pious prayer

Please help me keep your rhetoric your way

Let me know the dignity of life and small

Let me keep my mind away from pride

I do not want to be rich in my heart

Let my wish come true

May I be compassionate and rewarded

And wish your gods to rejuvenate the world beautiful and beautiful


Pray that God bless my weak soul

Let me have to distinguish between right and wrong eyes

Let me full of wisdom and confidence brave and firm

Let my mind be pure and pure

Let me safe and healthy from the pain

Please help me grow my life

May I have good morality to see you

And wish your will Daxing world peace and peace


Pray for God to guide me to be with me

Let my heart full of your great love

Let my fate be free and comfortable

Save me from the fact that I am away from the scourge

Let me know how to apply for discipline and patience

Let my road smooth without obstruction

May I do the ministry success without failing

And let your kingdom come to live in peace

(This article is composed by the author of the song, the composer Mr. Xiao Tai Ran, the pianist Professor Chen Yu Xiu played on December 26, 1997 the National Experimental Choir singing at the National Concert Hall.